The Jones Family Band
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"Many thanks for the JFB CD Marg & I really enjoyed listening to it and like all the arrangements, well done you lot!" Cheers, Margaret & John Finnan

"Got the new live album at Parkgate last week; I’ve been wearing it out in the car and enjoying every minute. I’ve been adding my own harmonies whenever I can, usually on top volume! I do get some strange looks from people in passing cars, but I don't care!" Speak soon, Love Clare Mc.

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"With close harmonies, multi instrumentation, an instant rapport with the audience and a great mixture of traditional and contemporary songs the Jones Family certainly have it all. Brian Jones is of course well known throughout the North West as a member of TTB, one of the most entertaining bands to ever grace the folk scene. The word entertainment also sums up The Jones Family.


Brian, as always, is the consummate professional welding all the parts into a great sound and linking each song with informative introductions and gentle humour. However, all the family play their own part.


Andrew who has obviously inherited his musical talent from his "old man" is equally at home on mandolin, bouzouki and bass as well as guitar and recently completed a major tour of Australia with country star Charlie Landsborough. Daughters Laura and Sam provide great vocals and chip in on mandolin, bass and piano. Mum Helen also joins the line up for part of the evening adding even further depth to their vocal presence.” D.C.M.

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